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About us

Who are we? Welcome to TenKeyword.com. “Tenkeyword” is a website that offers keyword research tools to optimize search engines across the web. This includes keywords for Google, keywords for YouTube, and (Twitter and TikTok) coming soon.

What is Tenkeyword website? “Tenkeyword” is a website that provides keyword tools to enhance search engines and get a comprehensive idea about any topic for writing, a website description, a product description, and more. It simply gives you a comprehensive idea about people’s questions and inquiries. This allows you to answer their questions and inquiries through your website or product, so the search engine ranks your content higher in search results.

Keyword tools were created on the “Tenkeywords” website to address a problem that persisted over the years, especially in the Arabic language, which is the issue of identifying keywords in Arabic. Most of the competing sites are designed based on the English language, and these sites are expensive. Given that, and because the programmers of “Tenkeyword” are also experts in the field of SEO and keywords, a smart algorithm was built to extract keywords in Arabic and present them in a simplified manner. This enables the researcher to get a comprehensive idea about the research topic and know the keywords used by the audience of a particular country or region.

Moreover, the “Tenkeyword” website is offers 100% free without limits of keyword research, so please support us and share the site with your friends so that we can continue to develop it and add more useful features. For feature suggestions you’d like to see on the “Ten Keywords” website, please send your request to our email: support@tenkeyword.com. Thank you.

Our goals are to facilitate the process of searching for keywords across various web platforms to support content creators with a tool that supports both Arabic and English, distinctive and ready for unlimited free use.

Contact Us You can send your request or inquiry through our email: support@tenkeyword.com.