Free SEO Keyword Research Tool for Long-Tail SEO Keywords

Free SEO Keyword Research Tool

Extract ready-made and exclusive SEO Keywords to Rank Higher on the search results easily and for free.


Free Google keyword Research and Extraction Tool

SEO Keyword Extraction

Streamline your SEO keyword research with our hassle-free solution. Discover a wide range of exclusive and indexed keywords sourced directly from Google, specifically curated for website optimization. Explore our ready-to-use keyword suggestions and unlock additional highly relevant search recommendations tailored to your specific topic at a click of a button.

Accurately extracts the most searched SEO Keywords

The suggested keywords are classified as the most searched in Google and are related to the target country and language, in addition to the search topic.

Full coverage of SEO Keywords for websites

Suggesting hundreds and sometimes thousands of ready-made SEO Keywords so that you can cover all the questions your audience are searching for.

SEO Keywords in Arabic and English

The first search, suggestion and extraction tool for SEO Keywords that fully supports the Arabic language in addition to the English language. It also provides keywords from 25 domains from Arabic-speaking countries and covers the most of other English-speaking countries.

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What is Tenkeyword and how does it work?

Unlock the power of Tenkeyword, the ultimate free tool for instant SEO keyword research and suggestions. Leveraging Google's Suggestions feature, Tenkeyword generates an extensive list of long-form keywords, both in Arabic and English, covering a vast array of topics. Gain access to hundreds of Google-indexed keywords guaranteed to enhance your search results. Tenkeyword extracts keywords based on your main seed term, as well as considering your target country and language, presenting them to you through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Why is Tenkeyword is one of the best free ready-made keyword research, extraction and suggestion tools?

There are many tools for extracting and suggesting keywords, including free and paid ones, but all of these tools do not fully support the Arabic language or are at exorbitant prices that emerging sites cannot cover. Based on this problem, Tenkeyword was developed to extract and suggest keywords that support the Arabic language completely and 100% free and without limits, as you can use it to find long keywords related to the content of your site with ease, quality and high speed.

Keyword tool for content creation and SEO

Tenkeyword is important for content creation and search engine optimization (SEO) due to many reasons, including helping you determine which keywords your website content should include to rank better in search engines. It gives you a greater understanding of how to meet the needs and requirements of users and what they are looking for on the web. It also provides you with an opportunity to learn about the most popular keywords that can be used in the content to achieve better results in search engines and about the competition for the selected keywords, which helps you make a sound decision in choosing keywords. If you want your website to get web traffic from Google or other search engines like Bing, you need to make sure it has content around the right keywords. You should use the keywords your audience use while searching for similar content, products or services online. Using keywords from Google search engine suggestions is the main step to creating content for your website because it gives you a complete idea of the key keywords that people are searching for and the approach to your site’s content. Therefore, the tool for extracting and suggesting keywords from Tenkeyword depends mainly on the keywords suggested by Google and extracts the keywords indexed on the search engine for you at the same moment as you search for them.

Free SEO keyword extraction and suggestion tool in Arabic and English

If you are searching for keywords in Arabic and English, you will find that the Keyword Tool features from the Tenkeyword website are very suitable for being accurate in extracting keywords and 100% free. The keyword tool allows you to pull keywords from 25 Arabic and English speaking countries, namely Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, Somalia, Chad, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Eritrea, Libya , Lebanon, Palestine, Oman, Mauritania, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Tanzania, Djibouti, Comoros from Google domains and using two language interfaces from Google to generate suggestions for keywords in Arabic and English. This way we make sure that the keywords generated will be relevant to the country and/or language for which you are creating your content.